Three Points

  1. Free Point
  2. Still Point
  3. Moot Point

"Free Point : there is no score. This is a free improvisation for two soprano saxophones that serves as a prelude to the the other two Points.
Still Point : this is a study in vibrations. It should be kept smooth but taut. This is still another type of blues: more quiet, but very intense and probing.
Moot Point : here the basic idea is the interchange between two identical instruments. The improvisation can have free exchanges of single phrases, as well as some continuous play together.
The three pieces make a little "match" for two players. The durations can also he matched, with each Point running about five minutes."

Steve Lacy (reprinted from Findings)

Written: February 13, 1978
First published: Prospectus (1987)
Instrumentation: 2 soprano saxophones (concert & transposed scores)

Selective discography

Three Points (whole suite):

Moot Point:

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