Steve Lacy
56 pages, 23 cm x 30,5 cm

"The collection, Prospectus, comprises pieces from the 1970s, mostly written in Paris.
They were all originally intended for my group(s), and most of them have been performed and recorded.
This collection is offered in the spirit of 'Here, take this, and see what you can do with it.'
Tempos, dynamics, phrasing should be 'discovered' by the performer, as a natural result of spending time on a given piece.

Steve Lacy (Reprinted from Prospectus)



Prospectus has been published by Margun Music at the following adress:

Margun Music
167 Dudley Road, Newton Centre
Massachusetts 02159 - U.S.A.
fax: 617 969 1079

Some of the most interesting compositions of Prospectus have been reprinted in Findings.