The CDs are now included in the book (no separate box)


my experience
with the soprano saxophone

Steve Lacy

1994 - 2006 (2nd edition - out of print)
2 CDs, book of 222 pages, 23 cm x 30,5 cm, 35 photos
English / Français

"Through the years, many saxophonists (soprano and other) have come to see me, seeking my advice on what to practice and how to develop their own playing styles. In general I have told them all, pretty much the same things: what I work on myself, and how I approach the technical and musical problems inherent to the soprano saxophone.
More than 40 years have gone by since I began learning how to play this wonderful instrument: I have managed to dominate it, but not to subdue it. Challenges remain, pitfalls are always present, and it is still a very difficult horn to play well.
There are no absolutes in this book. Only suggestions. Everything can, and should be, tried in as many different ways as possible. This goes for the exercises and the pieces, as well."

Steve Lacy (Reprinted from Findings)


This book is sold with two CDs. The first record puts into practice the exercices and studies exposed in the book, with play-along versions; the second one is composed of solos, duos, trios and quartet pieces with the members of Lacy's regular band (Irene Aebi: voice, Steve Potts: alto & soprano saxophones, Bobby Few: piano, Jean-Jacques Avenel: bass, John Betsch: drums).

An erratum is available as two separate pdf files: erratum #1, erratum #2