"Visitez notre île,
C'est l'île la plus au sud des possessions japonaises"

Text: "Documentaires : Iles" from "Du monde entier, poésies complètes" by Blaise Cendrars (1912-1924) - Gallimard

"I have been working with Irene Aebi for more than 25 years, and that collaboration has produced about 200 vocal works, of all kinds. One of the most useful has been Prospectus, written late 70's to a poem by Blaise Cendrars, 'found' in a travel brochure.
All through the 80's, we played this piece thousands of time. I also used it in workshops, and Irene sang it as our opening number, for many years, in the sextet.
Prospectus is a good piece to learn in all keys if possible. In C it is an excellent exercise and good to improvise on, using only the diatonic notes, but in a free manner."

Steve Lacy (reprinted from Findings)


Written: March 3, 1978
First published: Prospectus (1987)
Instrumentation: voice, melody and piano accompaniment


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