photo © Vincent Lainé

Steve Potts, Yoshiki Watanabe, Jean-Charles Richard, Steve Lacy (+ John Betsch)

photo © Vincent Lainé

Jean-Charles Richard, Steve Lacy, John Betsch

This late "set" began with a soprano solo by Jean-Charles Richard (whom I had to convince to play because he was so impressed he wanted to quit "en douce"), ended by a few bars of Bugle Boy (one of the exercises to "wake up the instrument" — see Findings), as an homage to Steve – "an exercise that helped me a lot for my own practice".

Then Steve Potts and John Betsch joined, and after a fine adjustement of the drum set patiently observed by the audience, Potts started with a short figure of descending notes mimicking the last shots of Betsch on the toms, immediately boosting a rhythmic and powerful blowing.

Richard then Watanabe (who had played before an inspired Moon) found their way in the collective improvisation, and Steve Lacy's armchair became so incomfortable that he suddendly couldn't stay sitting any longer: the Master came and introduced Blinks, one of his standart, played so many times, and then I felt so happy to hear the two Steve playing together again (Nostalgia in Bercy Square)

photo © Vincent Lainé