Joe Giardullo:

No Work Today: Nine for Steve Lacy

I try to live by Steve Lacy's simple wisdom – "follow the music". It's led me to this small homage to Steve's life and music, and to the horn we play.

(Joe Giardullo - liner notes)

Recorded in 2004

Joe Giardullo soprano saxophone

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ No Work Today Joe Giardullo 6:32
2/ Prospectus Steve Lacy 9:36
3/ Which Way Joe Giardullo 5:20
4/ Not Good 5:19
5/ Mr. Ioso's Walk 8:50
6/ Sentiments 6:15
7/ The Touch 4:08
8/ Hurtles Steve Lacy 8:49
9/ Dotty Joe Giardullo 7:50

Recorded December 24, 2004 at Wakamba, Marbletown, NY. Engineer: Tom Mark.
Mastered at The Make Believe Ballroom on December 28, 2004. Engineer: Tom Mark.

Producer: Joe Giardullo. Executive producer: Philip R. Egert for Drimala Records.

Layout and graphic design: Jennifer L. Pattison. Cover photos of Joe Giardullo: Bartosz Winiarski. Booklet photos of Joe Giardullo: Fionn Reilly.