Practitioners - Book "H"

  1. Hallmark
  2. Hocus-Pocus
  3. Hubris
  4. Hurtles
  5. Hustles
  6. The Heebies-Jeebies

"These pieces were written for my own use, as exercises and studies, for the saxophone. Deliberately made, so as to be hard to play, they also contain many of the characteristic "licks", which comprise the language that I use, in the different kinds of improvisational musics, that I perform in.
Each piece is also a portrait of, and an homage to, a distinguished practitioner of a particular art : Bob Gonzales (be-bop); Sonny Stitt (be-bop); Karl Wallenda (circus); Niccolo Paganinni (violin); Harry Houdini (magic); James P. Johnson (classic jazz piano), to each of whom I owe a debt of gratitude, for their instruction and inspiration."

Steve Lacy (reprinted from Findings)

Written: from January to December 1983
First published: Findings (1994)
Availability: ibid.
Instrumentation: soprano saxophone solo or any instrument (C & Bb instruments)

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