For crying out loud!

The Cry, a new cycle of songs by Steve Lacy, on lyrics of Taslima Nasrin, was warmly received by both the public and the critics, in the several cities were it has been performed.

Astonishing as it sounds, the concert fixed in Paris for April 3, as part of Banlieues Bleues Jazz Festival, was suddenly canceled by the director (Jacques Pornon), due to the sudden refusal of Miss Nasrin to appear on stage with the musicians.

For those who know, even a little bit, of the work of Steve Lacy, it is clear that the presence, or not, of the author of the words, would not affect the quality of the show one way or the other. Anyway, as far as the songs go, it is the singer's and the musicians' performance that really matters. Also, many of the poets set to music by Lacy and sung by Aebi, have been dead for many years!

It appears that the organizers were especially attracted to this spectacle, by the "political notoriety" of the authoress, and that they have mistaken a jazz concert for a "humanitarian show".

Just the same, it seems that The Cry, which gives music to the oppressive situation, that many women all over the world find themselves locked into, should not be suppressed by the willful decision of one man, with the excuse of the author's demission.

Steve Lacy & Vincent Lainé

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