"In '77, I was playing duos with Albert Mangelsdorff, and we performed this piece quite a few times. Also, it was recorded with Garret List the same year ('United Patchwork'). Later, it worked very well with George Lewis.
Actually, it is a portrait of another great trombonist, who I played with in the early 50's: Vic Dickenson. Soprano sax and trombone have always been one of my favorite combinations (i.e. 'School Days' and 'Trickles' with Roswell Rudd).
Dewline should be played in a sensuous, insinuating manner."

Steve Lacy (reprinted from Findings)

Written: January 1, 1977
First published: Findings (1994)
Availability: ibid.
Instrumentation: soprano saxophone, trombone (concert & transposed scores)

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