photo Vincent Lainé

Since Steve Lacy's death, her widow, Irene Aebi, is the sole representative of his rights as a composer and an author and should be contacted regarding this matter ( Anyhow, since Steve wanted to share his music, he often proposed scores to magazines and publishers and you can probably still find some of them. Of course, FINDINGS remains the essential collection of his compositions.


"Through the years, many saxophonists (soprano and other) have come to see me, seeking my advice on what to practice and how to develop their own playing styles. In general I have told them all, pretty much the same things: what I work on myself…" Steve Lacy's method — a must (1 book + 2 CDs, in English / en français).

Art songs

Scores of songs based on English, French & Italian texts. Of course, all these compositions can be performed without the words, in an instrumental version. However, keep the text in mind and your playing will be close to the (art) song's heart.

Instrumental compositions

Scores of instrumental compositions for solos, duos & many other instrumentations

Solos transcriptions

A few improvisations, from Skippy to Art…