Gianna Montecalvo:

Steve's Mirror

Recorded in 2004

Gianna Montecalvo vocals Roberto Ottaviano soprano saxophone Gianni Lenoci piano, Fender Rhodes
Marcello Magliocchi percussion, drums Giorgio Vendola bass

Ind. Title Composer / Author Dur.
1/ Napping Steve Lacy / Anne Waldman 8:54
2/ Blues For Aïda Steve Lacy / Manyo Shu, French transl. by René Sieffert 4:11
3/ Prospectus Steve Lacy / Blaise Cendrars 7:10
4/ Art Steve Lacy / Herman Melville 3:19
5/ Agenda Steve Lacy / Jack Spicer 3:13
6/ Gospel Steve Lacy / S. Lacy, arr. by G. Lenoci 4:34
7/ Somebody Special Steve Lacy / Brion Gysin 5:45
8/ Bone Steve Lacy / Lao Tzu 3:01
9/ Flakes Steve Lacy, arr. by G. Lenoci 5:25
10/ I Do Not Believe Steve Lacy / Blaga Dimitrova, arr. by G. Lenoci 6:52
11/ Blue Baboon Steve Lacy / Brion Gysin 7:54
12/ Steve's Mirror * Gianni Lenoci / Steve Lacy 5:46

Note*: Words by S. Lacy (this poetry appears as liner notes of The Forest And The Zoo).

Recorded on July 15th-16th, 2004 at Sorriso Studio, Bari (Italy). Engineer: Tommy Cavalieri.
Mastered at Deluxe, Tribiano Milano (Italy). Engineer: Aldo Borrelli.

Producers: Gianna Montecalvo, Università Popolare Apuliae. Executive producer: Flavio Bonandrini.

Photos: Gianni Cataldi, Arnaldo Di Vittorio. Art work: Guido M. Porcelli.