Process and Reality

Evan Parker:

Process and Reality

Recorded in 1991

Evan Parker soprano saxophone

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
Process And Reality:
1/ Mothon Evan Parker 4:40
2/ Borlung 8:30
3/ Broken Wing 7:50
4/ Fast Falls (for Mongezi Feza) 8:29
5/ Paros Gemutato 4:08
6/ Amanita 4:47
7/ Aka 2:38
8/ G.I.K.H. 3:10
9/ Bubble Chamber (for Conlon Nancarrow) 3:58
10/ Muzzle 4:13
11/ Diary Of A Mnemonist (for Liz Fritsch) 3:07
12/ Banda (O.D.J.B.) 2:16
13/ Pfingstsonntag 2:18
14/ Blindflight 2:21
15/ And I Will Sing Of This Second Kingdom 2:54
16/ Improvisation on "The Cryptosphere" by Steve Lacy Evan Parker, Steve Lacy 3:26

Recorded on May 18 & 19, 1991 at The FMP Studio, Berlin (Germany). Engineer: Jost Gebers.

Producers: Evan Parker & Jost Gebers.

Cover painting: Roger Ackling ("Weybourne", 1990). Cover art: Jost Gebers.

Liner Notes

"Lapidary" forms an amusing postscript to the fifteen part "Process And Reality" sequence. This piece has been on the drawing board for a few years and here it serves to debunk the modern studio processes.

You want rarefied technological approaches ? How about this? Now the microphone is inside the soprano, Parker drums rhythm patterns upon the keys, and the horn "listens" to a record of Steve Lacy playing to a record by Ruby Braff! How much we hear of Lacy's Cryptosphere hinges upon which soprano keys are open at any given moment.

Steve Lake (excerpt from liner notes)