Various Artists:

FMP Story

Recorded from 1968 to 1994

Globe Unity Special '75 (on 3): Kenny Wheeler trumpet Albert Mangelsdorff trombone Paul Rutherford trombone Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Gerd Dudek tenor Evan Parker soprano & tenor saxophones, musical saw Alex Von Schlippenbach piano Peter Kowald bass Paul Lovens percussion
on 7:
Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Evan Parker soprano saxophone

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
3/ Evidence Thelonious Monk, arr. A.von Schlippenbach 6:01
7/ Nocturnal Chirps 3 Steve Lacy, Evan Parker 5:45

Recorded live on March 31, 1975 at "Workshop Freie Musik", Berlin, Germany (3); recorded live during "Summer Music" on July 18, 1985 at "Haus Am Waldsee", Berlin, Germany (7). Engineer: Jost Gebers

Producer: Jost Gebers.

Cover photography: Roberto Masotti.

Notes: this record was sold with the Italian jazz review MUSICA JAZZ (March 1996). It contains 11 other tracks without Steve Lacy (featuring Peter Brotzmann Octet, Hans Reichel, Schlippenbach Trio, Petrowsky-Bauer-Gumpert-Sommer, King Ubu Orchestra, Keith Tippett, Kowald-Ludi-Morris-Namtchylak, Raphe Malik Quintet, September Band, Joe Sachse).

Track 3:

Track 7: