Steve Lacy Duets:


Lacy's duet-battles do not have winners or losers - they are simply extraordinary, elegant tournaments to enjoy, blow by blow.

(Claudio Sessa)

Recorded between 1982 and 1994

Musica Jazz New Tone

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone, with:

Masahiko Togashi percussions (1) Steve Potts soprano saxophone (2) Mal Waldron piano (3) Irene Aebi voice (4) Roswell Rudd trombone (5) Bobby Few piano (6) Derek Bailey guitar (7) George Lewis trombone (8) Ulli Gumpert piano (9) Muhammad Ali drums (10)

Ind. Title Composer / Author Dur.
1/ Haze Masahiko Togashi 11:33
2/ Free Point Steve Lacy 9:31
3/ Epistrophy Thelonious Monk 7:56
4/ Train Going By Steve Lacy / Robert Creeley 3:37
5/ Pannonica Thelonious Monk 6:58
6/ The Rent Steve Lacy 9:34
7/ Untitled * Derek Bailey, Steve Lacy 5:24
8/ The Whammies Steve Lacy 5:19
9/ The Crust 7:13
10/ Clichés 10:53

* improvisation.

Recording dates and locations: (1) Hiroshima, 09/83; (2) London, 7/12/85; (3) Sicilia, 03/94; (4) Vancouver, 31/12/93; (5) Montreal, 29/04/92; (6) Istanbul, 9/03/92; (7) Paris, 1/02/85; (8) Paris, 30/12/82; (9) Burghausen, 8/03/85; (10) Paris, 28/12/82.

Producer: Felmay. Compiled by Steve Lacy, Renzo Pognant & Claudio Sessa.

Cover photo: Roberto Masotti. Cover art: Fuoco Fisso.

Note: This CD has been first given with the Italian jazz review "Musica Jazz" (October 96).

Liner Notes

This disc was conceived as a kind of sound support for an article about Steve Lacy and written for the Italian magazine Musica Jazz [Felmay FF 1001 (Musica Jazz CD)]. Its variety makes it a unique document of one of the subtlest arts of this great saxophone player: the duet-dialogues with other musicians. It is an itinerary through Lacy's artistic strategies and it goes way beyond his instrumental formula.

When I began to play with the idea of "assembling" a disc of Lacy's unreleased work, I contacted Renzo Pognant and, naturally, Lacy himself, who was exquisitely helpful. Lacy, Renzo and I spent a luminous and intense weekend in Paris, rummaging through Lacy's inexhaustible reserves of recordings and selecting a huge amount of sound material in view of a project that turned out to be entirely different from what we had planned. All of this just to point out that Associates was a true labour of love, for me and I believe for the other two "obstetricians" (one of whom is the natural father as well). The idea of a series of duets took form slowly yet inexorably, ever since we realized that, in spite of Lacy's colossal disc production, something of this sort was missing. After subsequent adjustments, for the most part made upon suggestions by the sax player, we arrived at a disc with a distinct personality that can be interpreted on various levels.

Claudio Sessa (excerpt from liner notes - 1997)

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