And His Orchestra

Daunik Lazro / Jean Bolcato / Christian Rollet:

And His Orchestra

Recorded in 1997

Daunik Lazro alto & baritone saxophones Jean Bolcato double-bass, voice Christian Rollet drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Hornet Daunik Lazro 7:34
2/ Paësaggi Jean Bolcato 9:38
3/ Kitty Malone Steve Lacy 9:18
4/ Hardes Daunik Lazro 7:39
5/ Saga Of The Outlaws Charles Tyler 6:25
6/ Chaboud Jarret Jean Bolcato 7:00
7/ Bel Ascoltare Christian Rollet 4:25

Recorded on April 10-11, 1997 at studio Caveau Jazz de Saint Fons (France). Engineer: Pascal Cacouault. Mixed and edited on July 23 by P. Cacouault and the trio.
Mastered by Jean-Pierre Bouquet.

Producers: La Nef des Musiques / Label Bleu Regard.

Cover art: Françoise Legras. Photos: Marie Cosenza.

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