Steve Lacy:

10 of Dukes + 6 Originals

If it was necessary to remind anyone of the importance of Lacy’s roots and indebtedness to the Tradition, modeling it into a truly “Lacyan” vocabulary, there it is. The two sets of his solo performance were simply stunning.

(Gilles Laheurte - concert chronicle)

Recorded in 2000

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
First Set: 10 of Dukes
1/ In a Mellow Tone Duke Ellington 3:40
2/ The Mooche 3:42
3/ Morning Glory 3:35
4/ Prelude to a Kiss 4:33
5/ Portrait of Bert Williams 3:14
6/ Azure 2:50
7/ Cottontail 2:31
8/ In a Sentimental Mood 4:02
9/ Koko 3:24
10/ To the Bitter 3:34
Second Set: 6 Originals
11/ Art Steve Lacy 5:23
12/ Gospel 4:12
13/ On a Midnight Kick 4:20
14/ Wave Lover 4:36
15/ The Breath 4:31
16/ Traces 5:56

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Recorded live at the Egg Farm, Saitama (Japan) October 15, 2000 (
Engineer: Toshinori Sakai. Edited by Vincent Lainé

Associate producers: Gilles Laheurte, Vincent Lainé, Patrice Roussel & Guillaume Tarche
Executive producer: Vincent Lainé for Senators Records

Art director: James Retherford/Hot Digital Dog
Photographs: Gilles Laheurte (cover) Andrea Ranalli (disc)
Steve Lacy sketch: Joshua Sibelman
Photo styling (back cover): James Retherford
Liner notes by Steve Lacy

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