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This is your page! You've found the on-line catalogue of compositions which have been played throughout the years by the finest jazz musicians. By Lacy's regular groups members, first: Steve Potts (sax), Irene Aebi (voice, cello, violin), Kent Carter and Jean-Jacques Avenel (bass), Bobby Few and Michael Smith (piano), Oliver Johnson and John Betsch (drums).

The list of all the musicians who have played with Steve Lacy would be too long for this page! The following musicians, for instance, appears at least in 3 records with Steve Lacy as a leader or coleader: Mal Waldron, Frederic Rzewski and Eric Watson (piano), Derek Bailey (guitar), Kenneth Tyler (sax), Roswell Rudd, George Lewis and Glenn Ferris (trombone), Enrico Rava (trumpet), Charles Dennis, Noel McGhie, Han Bennink and Aldo Romano (drums), Masahiko Togashi (percussions)...

But we can't forget to mention such great collaborations as the ones of Gil Evans (piano), Evan Parker and Ricky Ford (sax), Don Cherry and Franz Koglmann (trumpet), Brion Gysin, LaVelle, Helen Merrill and Nicholas Isherwood (voice), Sonhando Estwick (vibraphone), Altena Maarten (bass), Billy Higgins, Steve Arguëlles, Sam Kelly, Andrea Centazzo, Jacques Thollot (drums and/or percussions)...

A music school or a university?


From September 2002 until his passing in June 2004, Steve Lacy taught at the New England Conservatory of Music of Boston, in the Jazz Studies and Improvisation Department.

If you could not study with him at the NEC or attend one of his many master-classes, you nevertheless can benefit from the content of his own book Findings and its companion two CDs. Since its publication in 1994, students and music teachers have found with Findings a rare set of pedagogic tools designed by one of the greatest jazz musicians and composers.

These tools will enable teachers and their students to dig the technique of this difficult instrument, the art of improvisation, and the art of composition. Studying his available scores will be complemented with the ones that Senators will gradually make available, if possible.

A music company or a record label?


Although numerous labels have already recorded some of Steve Lacy's works, there still is a lot of recorded music waiting to be released.

From solo to large orchestra, with or without vocals, with him or without him - just get in touch with Mrs Irene Aebi - and let your imagination play. As Thelonious Monk told Lacy, 'Whatever you think can't be done, someone will come along and do it'. Be the one who does it!

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Enjoy your exploration of this website. Your suggestions, positive comments and negative ones are welcome. We would love to know what are your favorites Lacy's albums and compositions. And then you can take part in the discussions about his work.

If you wish, you may add your own contribution to the promotion of Steve Lacy's work (a text, a painting, a sculpture, a set of photos or a single one, anything worthy...).

If you do not live in France, where the Senators organization is located, you could help us collect articles about Steve Lacy -- in magazines, newspapers, etc -- for instance. We want to offer through this website a picture as complete as possible of this amazing artist/composer.

Thanks a lot! Merci !

A jazz fan, but more interested in mainstream than contemporary jazz?


Did you know that Steve Lacy first played with the Dixieland Jazz masters, such as Rex Stewart, Red Allen, Dicky Wells, Buck Clayton, Max Kaminsky, Pee Wee Russell, Pops Foster, Buster Bayler and Zutty Singleton? That he jumped into "avant-garde" music with Cecil Taylor, then free jazz with Don Cherry? That he played with Thelonious Monk, and then studied his music for years (and recorded most of Monk's compositions?) Did you know that it was Lacy who explained the soprano saxophone to John Coltrane? That he played, when he was a young man, in orchestras conducted by Gil Evans and featuring Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter? That he has played ragas with indian musicians, and kabuki dancers?

Etc: maybe if you were better informed, you too would enjoy at least one moment of Steve Lacy's music prolific output.

Spend some of your time, you won't regret it!

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Read one or two things about Steve Lacy. Add this page or our home page to your bookmarks list for the next visit. Then go to your record library or shop and listen to one record of Steve Lacy (for instance, look for one of his recent albums. Or much better: jump to the concert schedule to check out if you can attend a performance. Then maybe if you come back, it won't be just by chance.

But meet the real Lacy first, then come back to the virtual one.

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