Steve Lacy in the Galapagos islands
Photo Phil De Vries

  • Beanbender's - Creative Music Series: "another odd location on the planet at which serious listeners can be obviously distracted by the antics of performers". Includes upcoming shows in the club and in the Bay Area, links to musical sites, radio stations, journals & books, FAQ & musicians...

  • Chipin & Kaiya's Jazz Group: a non-profit jazz instructional website hosted by violinist Chi-pin Hsieh and pianist Kai-ya Chang, two Taiwanese jazz musicians who studied and reside in Brussels, which concentrates on jazz education and related issues in "Chinese" language. (links page)

  • L'association du Fennec a pour but d'aider à la diffusion des musiques créatives et improvisées dans la communauté francophone. Informations, chroniques, reportages, photos, programme des Instants Chavirés et liste de diffusion.

  • Free Jazz Research: selected discographies of free Jazz artists, from Billy Bang to Frank Wright (and more!) by George Scala.