News - 2006

  • 17/11/2006 - "Chers ami(e)s, si vous êtes à l'écoute de France Musiques ce soir entre 19h et 20h, vous aurez l'occasion d'entendre - entre autres - la présentation de mon disque solo Faces. Cette émission (animée par Alex Dutilh et Vincent Bessières) sera "podcastée" et téléchargeable pendant une semaine sur le site de Radio France." Jean Charles RICHARD

  • 10 of Dukes and 6 Originals est l'un des "100 trésors pour l'île déserte" retenus par Jazz Magazine (n° 572, juillet-août 2006).

  • 09/04/2006 - Irene Aebi has informed us of the death of Mrs Judith Baldwin, director of the Aradia Group, and for a short time the publisher of Steve Lacy's music. The catalog of compositions should finally return to the French Society of Authors (SACEM).

  • 04/03/2006 - Jost Gebers, founder & producer of the label FMP, has gathered "information about the FMP Steve Lacy releases,
    including the pictures of the original covers"
    and photographies in a special Steve Lacy page.

  • 01/03/2006 - Steve Lacy's title The Uh Uh Uh (inspired and written after the death of Jimi Hendrix and first recorded in the album Dreams) has been used by Bill Shoemaker on top of his "Commentaries on Current Music Criticism" in his online music journal "Point of Departure" (

  • 28/02/2006 - "Clarinetist Ben Goldberg is a member of Tin Hat (formerly Tin Hat Trio). His new CD The door, the hat, the chair, the fact is a loving tribute to the late, great saxophonist Steve Lacy, a longtime mentor of Goldberg's."

  • 26/02/2006 - You can now find the Naked Music records along with the book "Bone - A Tribute to Steve Lacy" (both produced by Rita De Vuyst) in our order page. We intend to develop collaboration with people engaged in the promotion of Steve Lacy's music, as we have been doing for more than 10 years now.

  • 21/02/2006 - "Steve Lacy: Conversations", edited by Jason Weiss, will be published by Duke University Press in September. 34 interviews (including 3 by the author), from 1959 to 2004; a dozen pieces written by Lacy; 28 photos; 3 song scores, etc. Over 300 pages."

  • 18/02/2006 - two new reviews of Joe Giardullo's No work today: Nine For Steve Lacy : "A gem."

  • 17/02/2006 - Patrice Roussel points out the Ben Goldberg Quintet's CD The Door, The Hat, The Chair, The Fact which features Steve Lacy's composition Blinks. More asap.

  • 15/02/2006 - "Steve Lacy's Japan Tours: 1975-2004" by Gilles Laheurte for All About Jazz.

  • 10/01/2006 - "In 1984, due to increasing financial problems, Ictus ceased to exist. Now, exactly after 30 years ICTUS is back in a special new edition including brand new as well old recordings." ICTUS RECORDS' 30th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, a 12-CD Limited edition Box-set announced for release March 1st, 2006. It includes two previoulsy issued concerts with Andrea Centazzo: Clangs (duo with S. Lacy) and In Concert (originaly Trio Live with S. Lacy and Kent Carter), and a new compilation titled Tao (from two live performances recorded in 1976 and 1984).

  • 06/02/2006 - the "collective of Steve Lacy's friends" has released a website to promote Irene Aebi's group: As for today, the most materialized part of it is William Kenz and Patrice Roussel's discography (reproduced without authorization).

  • We have removed the three (3) manuscripts "illegaly" reproduced on our website, to avoid the legal pursuits more or less announced by the Aradia Music Group, the company chosen by Irene Aebi to manage Steve Lacy's music (read their letter and our response).

  • Happy new Year! We hope that Steve Lacy's music will be interpreted by more and more musicians, and get the recognition it deserves among a wider audience. The marvellous records of talented artists produced last year, featuring some of the saxophonist's best known compositions, show the way (see the LISTEN section). Let's hope that someday his whole work will be available... And thank you very much to the people who gave us their support when we had to shut down the website (see the Aradia MG letter above).