The Steve Lacy Quintet
at the Noe Valley Ministry

Irene Aebi (voc) / Steve Lacy (ss) / George Lewis (tb) / Jean-Jacques Avenel (b) / John Betsch (dr)

Sat June 30, 2001 - 7:30 & 9:30 shows

Set #1
Ind. Title Composer / Author
1/ The Bath Steve Lacy
2/ Inside My Head Steve Lacy / Robert Creeley
3/ A Ring of Bone Steve Lacy / Lew Welch
4/ Tina’s Tune Steve Lacy / Ozaki Koyo
5/ Pannonica Thelonious Monk
6/ In The Pocket Steve Lacy / Anne Waldman & Andrew Schelling
7/ Blinks Steve Lacy
Set #2
Ind. Title Composer / Author
8/ Number One Steve Lacy
9/ Race Steve Lacy / Dr. J. Craig Venter
10/ Wave Lover Steve Lacy / Jack Kerouac
11/ Grey Blue Steve Lacy
12/ A Bright Pearl Steve Lacy / Ryokan
13/ Traces Steve Lacy / Ryokan
14/ Bye Ya Thelonious Monk

The set list is more complete than not, but may be in the wrong order and/or missing one tune for the first set. My pen blew up and I had to try to commit tunes to memory while I was listening and snapping a few photos. The Noe Valley Ministry is a Presbyterian Church which has offered a diverse musical selection over the years.

The show began in the early evening as sunlight lit the pulpit. The house was nearly full and the gathered were responsive. Both sets lasted nearly an hour and a half each. Both sets were dominated by new music. Much of what was presented with Roswell Rudd in '99 and recorded on Monk’s Dream was performed here, with some brand new stuff also. George Lewis is the new trombonist with the group and Irene Aebi delivered vocals. This quintet is tight and deep. It is one of the greatest pleasures to get to hear musicians of this caliber come together and be in the groove from the first note and what a great opening tune too. It is new music and distinctive and it moves me.

The pictures offer some nice views of the band, but never all occupying the stage together. They are fan shots and were taken with a new, "short", fixed focal lens. They are experiments really, my first shots with the lens and I am surprised they came out as well as they did. I have cropped most with the scanner.

Two notes:

A picture I didn’t take was of a woman in the front row for both sets who was creating an abstract painting during the performance. Her painting had dark red hues and browns with a rough texture.
During the second set, there was some radio frequency interference coming from the monitors which was apparent during Jean-Jacques' solos and inbetween the tunes. This was a minor distraction, and a few people notified the mixing board engineer, but it was unresolved.

Shawn Lahr (personnal communication)