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Gil Evans

Out Of The Cool
His life and music

Stephanie Stein Crease
A Cappella Books, 2002
ISBN: 1-55652-425-0

- 6 x 9 (16 x 24 cm)
- 384 pages
- Cloth
- 27 B&W photos

The first comprehensive biography of a self-taught musician whom colleagues often regarded as a mentor. It illuminates how Evans's life and career paralleled and often foreshadowed the quickly changing world of jazz through the twentieth century. And it shows how his unflagging creativity galvanized the most prominent jazz musicians in the world, both black and white."


  1. Stockton
  2. Prince of Swing
  3. Hollywood
  4. Claude Thornhill - His Band and His Sound
  5. Wartime
  6. 52nd Street Annex
  7. Moon Dreams
  8. Jambangle
  9. Out of the Cool
  10. Svengali
  11. Sweet Basil
  12. Epilogue (Parabola)


Gil had no barriers, he had perfect taste and he was unafraid, no matter what anyone else thought. Almost everybody was against Cecil [Taylor]. Club owners would close their pianos, drummers would run out the door. People at jam sessions would see him coming and say, 'No, no, no, no, no!' But Gil liked his playing. Gil was always open to hearing something that he hadn't heard before, thinking thoughts he'd never thought before, reading things he'd never read before. He was intellectually curious, non-stop. I've never met anybody like that. He was really an intellectual mentor for me.

He gave me a lot of books. One of them was a biography of Wilhelm Reich. Gil was interested in many things like psychoanalysis, some of which I wasn't interested in, but he turned me on to what he could. Gil and I shared an interest in the other arts — in painting and literature, and theater and cinema, song and dance, and all those things. He furthered that in me a lot.

Steve Lacy, interview with author (p. 224-225)


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