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The Summer Program in Writing and Poetics at Naropa is a four week long convocation of students, poets, scholars, fiction writers, translators, environmental activists, Buddhist teachers, anarchists, feminist scholars, and musicians.

Steve Lacy and Irene Aebi took part of the fourth week (July 9 - July 15, 2001) of the program.


The Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics would not exist without the dedication of its ongoing, supportive, alternative community. Students are welcome to take the vow to "keep the world safe for poetry" (& all the other genres & myriad genders) -it is at the heart of the agenda -in this final week of performance, inter-arts and community. Guests this week embrace the page and the stage with their innovative words & music. Saxophone artist and composer Steve Lacy and singer Irene Aebi will teach a workshop on how they work with poets' lyrics. Kenward Elmslie will provoke us with his canny gestures and mind-boggling texts. Erica Hunt will team up with Marty Ehrlich to show us how it -- the duo -- is done. Sangha, Sanskrit for community, carries our sense of purpose and commitment.


Steve Lacy & Irene Aebi

Prose and poetic texts, fused over a long period of time, into Jazz Art Songs, with words by poets, painters, scientists, philosophers, writers, such as Melville, Creeley, Kaufman, Burroughs, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Feynman, Fuller, Braque, and others. From language structure to a new entity based on more than 30 years of research, composition, practice, and performance in solo, duo, chamber, big band format with dance, for film, theater, etc. Together we will expose and explore the process from conception to realization.

STEVE LACY AND IRENE AEBI have been collaborating for over thirty years on integrating the singing voice into modern jazz. They set texts to music while transforming literature such as the writing of Robert Creeley, Bob Kaufman and Anne Waldman, among others, into jazz. Lacy, renowned soprano saxophonist, has led a variety of ensembles and has played with musicians from all over the world. He is the foremost interpreter of Thelonius Monk and received the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Fellowship "Genius" award. Aebi, swiss vocalist/ cellist/ violinist, has recorded hundreds of songs on more than fifty albums. Her capabilities include singing in three octaves and four languages in a unique style to music created specifically for her voice.

Excerpts from the web pages of the Naropa Summer Writing Program (complete article)

Steve Lacy's contribution

Page 93 of the magazine reproduces the score of Steve Lacy's Filling the Void, written June 5, 2001. This art song is based on a "death poem" of japanese poet Daido Ichi'i; it is dedicated to Tony Long.


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