Brion Gysin
Catalogue Galerie de France

96 pages, 23 cm x 30 cm, many photos
French (some texts in English)

"An indiscreet astronaut said that when he was in orbit he could see what was happening on every street and in every backyard: 'It was like I was right there, ten feet above the streets and yards and fields...'. They shut him up fast.
Brion Gysin was the only modern painter to have captured this space-eye view, in which time is spread out spatially on the canvas."

William S. Burrough (Reprinted from Brion Gysin - Catalogue Galerie de France)


Steve Lacy's contribution

Pages 58-59 reproduce the manuscript score of Steve Lacy's Request, as written in 1986. This composition is based on Izumi Shikibu's text and dedicated to Brion Gysin.
Pages 60-61 gives one of Lacy's songs with a text by Gysin: Somebody Special.


Galerie de France
52 rue de la Verrerie
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