Abracadabra 2

72 pages, 15 cm x 21 cm, many illustrations
English and Italian (some texts in German and French)

"The first ancient function of the word 'abracadabra' as a magic formula disappeared altogether and its only meaning is now 'meaningless wordflood' or something of the sort.
We consider a combination of the two significations as a pertinent emblem of certain ways of making poetry."

Marcello Angioni (Reprinted from Abracadabra 2)


Contributions by: Leo Van Der Zalm, G.Pavanello, Steve Lacy, Olle Orrje, Milli Graffi, Gerald Bisinger, Anne Waldman, Julien Blain, Ulises Carrion, Ugo Pitozzi, Carl Weissner, Susanne Hahn, Antonio Aorta, John Giorno, Giovanni Anceschi, Markus Raetz, Franco Beltrametti, Corrado Costa, Giulia Niccolai, Harry Hoogstraten, James Koller, Martha Hawley, Rob Stolk, Lamberto Pignotti, Massimo Gualtieri, Gene Carl, Charles Plymell, Adriano Spatola, Alberto Cappi, Clemente Padin, Michael Gibbs.

Steve Lacy's contribution

Pages 7-8-9 reproduces the manuscript score of Steve Lacy's Letter, as written in 1977. The scan is so small that you'll probably need to enlarge it.


This book is probably out of print (limited edition of 900 copies). It has been published by:

Marcello Angioni
Rue de Trèves