Kenny Davern:


The music herein being, for the most part, spontaneous responses by the players to unforeseen circumstances and unexpected predicaments.

(liner notes)

Recorded in 1978

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone (except 2) Kenny Davern soprano saxophone & clarinet Steve Swallow bass Paul Motian drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Swirls Steve Lacy 4:42
2/ Trio 3 Kenny Davern 4:21
3/ The Sunflower Paul Motian 5:23
4/ Predicament In Three Parts Steve Swallow 5:29
5/ Synonym Paul Motian 5:12
6/ Statement Steve Swallow 3:29
7/ Loops Steve Lacy 8:05
8/ Unexpected Kenny Davern 12:31

Recorded at the Environ, New York City on May 30, 1978. Engineer: Dan Serro.

Producers: Herb Friedwald & Dan Serro.

Cover photography: Ernie Russell. Cover design: Norman G. Goben, Jr.