Solo in Kyoto

Recorded in 1975
Steve Lacy soprano saxophone

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Staples Steve Lacy 6:34
2/ Weal 6:25
3/ The Oil 6:30
4/ The Owl 13:46
5/ Torments

Recorded live at Silk Hall in Kyoto, July 6, 1975. "This set was recorded during the concert trip in Japan, 1975, managed by Hang é-shat & Co. with the help of Spiritual Unity." This was first part of the concert, second part was a duo with percussionist Masahiko Togashi, third was a trio with bassist Motoharu Yoshizawa and Togashi. Concert managed by Zabo, designed by Aquirax Aida and Tsutomu Suto.

Producer: Aquirax Aida.

Cover photography: Masahiko Imai.

Notes: Weal mistitled "Zeal" on cover; Scraps not mentioned. Patrice Roussel gives June 16, 1975 as the recording date.