Steve Lacy Sextet:

The Wire

Sometimes an emergency can breed a surprising solution.

(Steve Lacy - liner notes)

Recorded in 1975

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Masahiko Satoh piano (omit 3) Masahiko Togashi percussion Keiki Midorikawa cello, bass (omit 3) Yoshio Iked bass (omit 3) Motoharu Yoshizawa bass (omit 3)

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ The Twain Steve Lacy 6:31
2/ Esteem 8:40
3/ The Owl 4:17
4/ The Wire 4:58
5/ Cloudy 6:12
6/ Deadline 8:06

Recorded at Nippon Columbia's 1st Studio, Tokyo, June 18, 1975. Engineer: Kaoru Iida.

Producer: Tsutomu Ueno. Artist coordinator: Aquirax Aida, Hange-Sha, Co.

Cover art (collage): Toshihiko Shimizu. Cover design: Sign-Satoshi Saitoh. Art Staff: Sign-Tsuneo Ide + MOK.