The Kiss

This solo was a recital (soprano saxophone), but also, a prayer for peace, in that lovely and lively city.

(Steve Lacy - cover notes)

Recorded in 1986

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone (piano echo in Blues For Aida)

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Monk's Dream Thelonious Monk 5:18
2/ Misterioso 6:09
3/ The Crust Steve Lacy 6:18
4/ Coastline 7:05
5/ Morning Joy 7:02
6/ Blues For Aida 9:06
7/ The Kiss 7:30

Recorded live on May 24, 1986 at the Higasi Kumin Bunka Center, Japan. Engineer: Takehara Ito (Unique Sound Co.).
Digital mastering engineer: Yukio Kojima.

Producer: Koichiro Suzuki. Co-produced by Seiji Uchida, Mashashi Ohara, Ichiro Otsu. Concert organized by Hiroshima Real Jazz Crowd presented by TCP.

Cover painting: Yukio Imamura. Cover photography: Masaru Yokochi. Cover design: Nobuyuki Araki.

Liner notes: Toshihiko Shimizu.