The Crust

The Crust

Recorded in 1973
Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Steve Potts alto & soprano saxophones Derek Bailey guitar Kent Carter bass John Stevens percussion

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ The Crust Steve Lacy 10:00
2/ 38 13:00
3/ The Owl 6:20
4/ A Bit Of The Dumps 3:30
5/ Flakes 7:40
6/ Revolutionary Suicide * 3:45

*Unfortunately, a well known stomach collided with the well known tape recorder during Revolutionary Suicide with a somewhat disasterous result. It is hoped that this will not detract too much from the music. [From original cover]

Recorded live on July 30, 1973 at the 100 Club, London (U.K.) by Martin Davidson.

Producers: Mandy & Martin Davidson.

Cover art: René Guiffrey.

Liner Notes

The Crust has many meanings, e.g., the cornet playing and personality of Rex Stewart (who gave me my name when I played with him in '53: Lackritz = Lacy).

38 is a self-portrait dedicated to, and in the manner of, Coleman Hawkins, who taught me something about aging.

The Owl is a song from "Le Bestiaire" of G. Appollinaire (and also has to do with Anton Webern).

A Bit Of The Dumps is a fragment featuring Derek and John.

Flakes features Derek and is an ice-skating piece written for Mark Rothko.

Revolutionary Suicide is to and from Huey Newton (see his book).

Steve Lacy (cover notes)