Recorded in 1977-78

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone, japanese bird whistle Steve Potts alto & soprano saxophones Irene Aebi cello, violin, bells & vocals Kent Carter bass Oliver Johson drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
Steve Lacy 12:58
A2/ Ire 11:29
B1/ The Dumps 12:00
C1/ Stamps 4:52
C2/ Duckles 13:02
D1/ Wickets 11:35
D2/ The Blinks 9:17

Side A & B recorded live August 27, 1977 at the Jazz Festival Willisau '77 (CH) by Walter Troxler. Concert produced by Niklaus Troxler. Side C & D recorded live February 22, 1978 at Jazz au Totem, Paris (France) by Philippe Quinsac. Concert produced by Gérard Terronès.

Mastered by David Crawford Masterdisk-Corporation N.Y.N.Y.

Production co-ordination: Craig Johnson, CJR-Productions. Produced by Pia & Werner X. Uehlinger.

Cover art: Klaus Baumgärtner.