Max Roach / Abbey Lincoln:

Sounds as a Roach

Recorded in 1968

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone (A1, B1) Max Roach drums Franco D'Andrea piano Giovanni Tommaso bass Abbey Lincoln voice "Max Roach big band members unknown" (B3)

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
A1/ Malindy Max Roach 4:00
A2/ Prayer Protest from Freedom Now Suite 4:20
A3/ For Big Sid 2:30
A4/ Drums Unlimited 3:00
A5/ Drums in Five 3:55
B1/ Profit 7:55
B2/ Prelude 2:45
B3/ Patty Pat and Midnight Variations 10:30

Note: cover mentions false recording location (Oslo, Norway) and musicians (Steve Kuhn on piano, Red Mitchell on bass). This LP has been produced without the agreement nor remuneration of, at least, Steve Lacy.

Recorded in Rome, May 1968.

Producer: ???

Cover photography & design: K. Abe.