Steve Lacy Quartet:


Cette idée de sortie, c'est la sortie vers le Free, le désir de se débarrasser de tout le bagage qu'on avait mis des années de pratique intense à acquérir.

(Steve Lacy interviewé par Patrick Schuster pour NOTES n° 20 - 1er trimestre 1986)

Recorded in 1966


Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Enrico Rava (except on 3) trumpet Kent Carter bass Aldo Romano drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
A1/ Sortie Steve Lacy 12:00
A2/ Black Elk 10:00
B1/ Helmy 2:20
B2/ Fork New York 14:00
B3/ Living T. Blues 3:40
B4/ 2-Fou 0:03

Note: (B4) was "forgoten" in some editions (Globe and Polydor), because of its very short duration. Kentz and Roussel give another explanation (discography v. 5): "it seems [in the Globe pressing] that in order to reach the correct track number, ["Fork New York"] was cut in two with the second part named "Living T. Blues", and "Living T. Blues" ended up with the title "2-Fou".

Recorded at Fonorama studio in Milan, Italy on February 7, 1966. Engineer: Mario Caruli.

Producer: Mario Nicolao.

Cover photo: Mario Orfini. Cover design: Paolo Piccoli. Liner notes: Victor Schonfield.