Steve Lacy:


Recorded in 1977

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Masa Kwate traditional Japanese percussion Irene Aebi voice & violin (3)

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
A1/ Moms Steve Lacy 5:05
A2/ Pops 5:10
A3/ The Kiss 5:10
A4/ Tots 5:36
B1/ The Ladder 5:01
B2/ Fruits 7:06
B3/ Coots 4:24
B4/ The Wire 4:22

Note: this record received Le Grand Prix De L'Académie Du Jazz 1980 (section Avant Garde).

Recorded at Studios Grande Armee, Paris on October 15, 1977. Engineer: Jean-Paul Missey.

Producer: Alain Boucanus.

Cover design: Brion Gysin.