Herbe De L'Oubli

Mal Waldron / Steve Lacy:

Herbe De L'Oubli

Recorded in 1981

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Mal Waldron piano

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Hooray For Herbie Mal Waldron 17:10
2/ Herbe De L'Oubli Steve Lacy 10:45
3/ Epistrophy Thelonious Monk 6:25

Recorded live at Dreher, Paris (France) on August 15, 1981. Engineer: Jean-Marc Foussat.

Producer: Pia & Werner X. Uehlinger.

Cover painting: Klaus Baumgärtner.

Note: the 2xLP reissue contains both Herbe de l'Oubli and Snake Out.