Giorgio Gaslini & Jean-Luc Ponty:

Fabbrica Occupata

Recorded in 1973

Giorgio Gaslini piano Jean-Luc Ponty violin Harry Beckett trumpet Gianni Bedori tenor saxophone & flute Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Paul Rutherford trombone Bruno Tommaso bass Tony Oxley drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Fabbrica Occupata (1a parte) Giorgio Gaslini 18:45
2/ Fabbrica Occupata (2a parte) 5:55
3/ The Woman I Love 7:28

Notes: the edition PA 64 (and PA 6.22664?) has the following track listing: 1/ Sit-In At The Factory and 2/ The Woman I Love (Kentz & Roussel discography v. 5); the edition PR-7014 (at least the copy I own!) has a plastic sticker on both sides of the cover with another title (see cover image) [VL].

Recorded in Milan, October 27-28 and December 13-14, 1973.

Producer: Roberto Danè.

Cover design: Rutger van der Velde.