Jay Oliver:

Dance Of The Robot People

(There is no thing as an ex actor)

I thank you Steve, for making my first one a great one for me.

(Jay Oliver)

Recorded in 1981

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Glenn Ferris trombone Jay Oliver bass Oliver Johnson drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Michele's Shower Jay Oliver 8:25
2/ Goodbye Charles 0:45
3/ Dance Of The Robot People 6:55
4/ Dust On The Keys Franziska Oliver 6:30
5/ Feather Lite Jay Oliver 6:35
6/ In The Dishroom (A Sad State Of Affairs) 11:00
7/ Winter Day, Spring Night 8:00

Recorded at IRCAM, Paris on December 9 and 10, 1981. Engineer: David Wechsel. Mixed by David Wechsel, Jay Oliver & Glenn Ferris.

Producer: Akono productions.

Cover photography: Nancy Wasserman.

Note (Kentz & Roussel discography v. 5): on the Konnex reissue, 3/ is named Dance Of The Robot People (There's No Such Thing As An Ex-Actor) and 7/ is named In The Winter Day, Spring Night.