Globe Unity:


Recorded in 1979

Enrico Rava trumpet Kenny Wheeler, Manfred Schoof trumpet, flugelhorn Albert Mangelsdorff, Gunter Christmann trombone Paul Rutherford trombone, euphonium Steve Lacy soprano saxophone, interior piano (B2) Evan Parker tenor & soprano saxophones Gerd Dudek tenor & soprano saxophones, flute Michel Pilz bass clarinet Alex Von Schlippenbach piano Bob Stewart tuba Buschi Niebergall bass Paul Lovens drums, percussions

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
A1/ Nodagoo Kenny Wheeler 6:59
A2/ Boa Alexander von Schlippenbach 5:43
A3/ Trom-bone-it Günther Christmann 5:03
A4/ Flat Fleet Enrico Rava 7:48
B1/ Reflections Manfred Schoof 8:46
B2/ Worms Steve Lacy 10:25
B3/ The Forge Alexander von Schlippenbach 5:22

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg (Germany), January 22 & 23, 1979. Engineer: Martin Wieland.

Producer: Globe Unity with Thomas Stöwsand & Steve Lake in cooperation with the WDR, Cologne (Germany).

Cover art: Peter Brötzmann.