Two New

Mal Waldron / George Haslam:

Two New

Recorded in 1995

Mal Waldron piano George Haslam baritone sax, tarógató

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ I've Got the World on a String Harold Arlen 6:31
2/ One for Steve * (dedicated to Steve Lacy) G. Haslam, M. Waldron 6:05
3/ Tangled Lawfull Bells * G. Haslam, M. Waldron 5:17
4/ Let's Do it Over George Haslam 6:11
5/ Sakura Traditional 4:14
6/ Steps in Rhythm George Haslam 5:08
7/ Datura Richard Leigh Harris 4:48
8/ From Charleston Till Now * G. Haslam, M. Waldron 9:40
9/ Come Sunday Duke Ellington 6:31
10/ I'm Old-fashioned Jerome Kern 5:28
11/ After the Carnage Mal Waldron 4:45
12/ Thailand Dance * G. Haslam, M. Waldron 9:15

* improvisations.

Recorded on April 20, 1995. Engineer: Tim Turan.

Producer: George Haslam.

Cover painting: Narv Waldron. Cover art: Paul Medley.

Liner Notes

To me the heart of the session was in the improvisations, short tracks but very satisfying. I was pleased to include some pieces on tarógató - a 19th century Hungarian reed instrument, in appearance like a wooden soprano saxophone.

The first improvisation, One for Steve is for Steve Lacy - it was impossible to avoid his influence, having heard him play with Mal over the years. This track is actually the first thing we played on the session. Tangled Lawful Bells, From Charleston Till Now and Thailand Dance are all pure and simple improvisations.

George Haslam (excerpt from liner notes)