Masahiko Togashi / Steve Lacy:


Recorded in 1991

Masahiko Togashi percussions Steve Lacy soprano saxophone

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ The Crust Steve Lacy 4:44
2/ Haze Masahiko Togashi 8:18
3/ I Do Not Believe Steve Lacy 5:45
4/ In The Pot Masahiko Togashi 4:31
5/ Unbalanced 5:59
6/ Twilight Steve Lacy 8:08
7/ Blues For Aïda Masahiko Togashi 7:19
8/ Clichés Steve Lacy 9:30

Recorded on 10 November 1991 at Studio Merjithur, Courbevoie (France). Engineer: Pascal Spitz. Assistant: Bruno Mercere.

Producers: Didier Boyet for Tokyo Jazz Action, Deux Z (Catherine Peillon; Label Manager).

Cover painting: Daniel Humair.