Trio Live

Kent Carter / Andrea Centazzo / Steve Lacy:

Trio Live

Recorded in 1976

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Andrea Centazzo drums, percussions Kent Carter bass

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ The Crust Steve Lacy 11:30
The TAO Suite:
2/ Existence 10:40
3/ The Way 8:00
4/ Bone 13:50
5/ Ducks 7:20

Recorded on December 5, 1976 - Udine (Italy). Engineer: Leonardo Venturini.

Album coordination: Renzo Pognant.

Cover art: Harpo.

Liner Notes

Andrea Centazzo, Steve Lacy, Kent Carter
Photo (c) R. MAZOTTI

It was recorded live, at a concert in Udine, the final show of a tour that covered all the major Italian cities. It was a magic evening. Not only did the trio burst with a creative energy that was homogeneous and interactive, but the acoustics, usually inadequate, of the half-empty sports pavillion with a capacity of 10,000 people, gave the music an ethereal transparency and crystalline purity that the recording captured and the CD newly presents in all its singular beauty.

Andrea Centazzo (excerpt from liner notes - 1995)