The Rendez-Vous

Barry Wedgle / Steve Lacy:

The Rendez-Vous

Steve is the only jazz musician that I am content to solely accompany.

(Barry Wedgle - liner notes)

Recorded in 1994

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone

Barry Wedgle guitar

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Who Knows? Thelonious Monk 5:15
2/ The Rendez-Vous Steve Lacy 5:35
3/ Cancoa Do Amor Demais Antonio Carlos Jobim 4:30
4/ Wickets Steve Lacy 4:00
5/ Blues For Aïda 5:30
6/ The Cure Barry Wedgle 6:00
7/ The Crust Steve Lacy 3:50
8/ Gallops Gallop Thelonious Monk 3:50
9/ Death Notice Steve Lacy 5:47
10/ Arty's Last Song Barry Wedgle 4:13
11/ Clichés Steve Lacy 5:53
12/ The Whammies 2:58

Recorded at Studio Chauve Souris, Paris, on January 11-12-13, 1994.

Producer: Melvin Wedgle.

Cover painting: B. Wedgle. Cover art: Ted Goodwin.


You need hardly read the sleeve notes to know that the duo have played together for a long time. And Wedgle's playing, from his delicate plucking in Blues for Aida, to his walking bass in The Cure, to his free-flanges in Whammies, proves a perfect complement to Lacy. This duo should record together again.

Lacy has a rare ability to overpower you with simplicity, to knock you on your ass with half notes. He stands with Webster, Ike Quebec, Miles Davis, and a few other as someone who can deliver his story with the sheer weight of sound. But Lacy is a virtuoso, too: his quiet, intervallic jumps and upper-register melodies on Clichés are spectacular (...).

Wedgle and Lacy are terrific duo partners, and they've made a terrific duo disc.

Dale Smoak (Cadence, November 1995)

Liner Notes

Barry Wedgle and Steve Lacy met in the early eighties, shortly after Barry moved to Paris. Barry joined Lacy's nine piece band for a tour which resulted in the recording of a double album for Hat-Hut records entitled "Futurities". The record was given a four star review by Down Beat Magazine.

"Steve is the only jazz musician that I am content to solely accompany" says Wedgle. "Every time I am in Paris, we just get together and play at his apartment" and so that's the way it has been over the last ten years. You can read between the notes and find a warm friendship and mutuall respect that extends beyond the music. Their weaving improvisations join as one fluid sound.

Thomas Burns (excerpt from liner notes)