The Needless Kiss

Philip Johnston's Transparent Quartet:

The Needless Kiss

Regrets, I have a few. 24,637 to be exact.

(Philip Johnston - liner notes)

Recorded in 1997-98

Phillip Johnston soprano & alto saxophones Mark Josefsberg vibraphone Joe Ruddick piano, barytone saxophone David Hofstra bass

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Pipeline Philip Johnston 3:00
2/ Memory 11:05
3/ Planetella Rock 4:23
4/ The Heyday Joe Ruddick 5:15
5/ All I Do Is Dream Of You Philip Johnston 3:21
6/ Hofstra's Dilemna 8:56
7/ Mazurka Op. 17, no. 4 Frédéric Chopin 6:47
8/ The Sleepwalker Raymond Scott 3:07
9/ The Needless Kiss Philip Johnston 6:01
10/ The Club Joe Ruddick 4:14
11/ Regrets #17 Philip Johnston 5:50

Recorded on 15-17 April 1998 at Tedesco Studios. Record and mix engineer: Jon Rosenberg. Except (6) recorded live on 19 August 1997 at the Knitting Factory by Alen Hadzi-Stefanov, mixed by Jon Rosenberg.
Mastered by Rosalind Ilett.

Producer: Philip Johnston. Executive producer for Koch Jazz: Donald Elfman.

Cover art: Josh Dorman.

Contact: Phillip Johnston, web site: home page of madness.

Note: We recorded a very nice (I think) version of "Prospectus" for this CD, but it didn't make it onto the CD for space reasons. But I hope to put it on the next one.

Liner Notes

Pipeline: I set out to write a three-minute tune, like for a 45 RPM record. It is inspired by and dedicated to my first and still greatest inspiration in music, Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart. Pipeline is my idea of a Captain Beefheart tune for the TQ.

Memory: was inspired by a poem of Michael O'Brien, "...a box of shadows." It is an attempt to take some of the ideas of classical composition and use them in a jazz piece, as opposed to combining jazz & classical music.

Planetella Rock: is dedicated to Rachelle Garniez, a wonderful singer, accordionist and songwriter. It is inspired by the fantastic West Coast jazz of the 50's. What we do I call un-cool school.

The Heyday: a dovetailing of impressions of two distinct musics: on one hand, South African Township High Life, and on another hand, Nashville USA (particularly the largely discredited Floyd Cramer/Boots Randolph school of thoughts) - ghastly extrapolative political implications nothwithstanding. The cheery welding ceremony is effected deep in the TQ wilds. (Joe Ruddick).

All I Do Is Dream Of You: Can you write a song for someone you haven't met yet, a song specifically for them? Yes.

Hofstra's Dilemna: bassist David Hofstra and I have been playing together for over 20 years. He continues to amaze me with his encyclopedic knowledge of music, his wit and his invention. His dilemna, I guess, is that he is still playing with me.

Mazurka Op. 17, no. 4: I was first introduced to this piece by my teacher, Edgar Grana, to whom this arrangement is dedicated. My studies of counterpoint and composition with over the past few years ahve totally changed my perspective on music, and largely informed my writing for the TQ.

The Sleepwalker: Steve Bernstein found the sheet music in Kansas City at Luyben Music. This arrangement is basically the same as the one Joe McGinty transcribed from the piano/xylophone radio air check by Raymon Scott and Billy Paulsen, which Joe, Chris Nappi & I first performed at Irwin Chusid's first Raymond Scott show at the Bottom Line in 1996.

The Needless Kiss: Inspired by the works of Edward Gorey and Steve Lacy.

The Club: Heavy tapering staff? Something to join? Boite de nuit? Place of healthful exercising? Swinging impetus for a golf ball? Triple-pipped stylized clover leaf? Resort? Soda? Sandwich? Don't leave home without it? (Joe Ruddick)

Regrets: Regrets, I have a few. 24,637 to be exact.

Philip Johnston (and Joe Ruddick, where noted - liner notes)