The Beat Suite

Steve Lacy:

The Beat Suite

Each song is a role, each poem is a story. This is highfalutin' material. It's not for everybody.

(Steve Lacy - liner notes)

Recorded in 2001

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Irene Aebi voice George Lewis trombone Jean-Jacques Avenel bass John Betsch drums

Ind. Title Composer / Author Dur.
1/ Wave Lover Steve Lacy / Jack Kerouac 4:06
2/ Song Steve Lacy / Allen Ginsberg 6:27
3/ Naked Lunch Steve Lacy / William S. Burroughs 4:20
4/ Private Sadness Steve Lacy / Bob Kaufman 8:40
5/ A Ring of Bone Steve Lacy / Lew Welch 4:52
6/ The Mad Yak Steve Lacy / Gregory Corso 4:46
7/ Jack's Blues Steve Lacy / Robert Creeley 3:38
8/ Agenda Steve Lacy / Jack Spicer 3:59
9/ In the Pocket Steve Lacy / Anne Waldman, Andrew Shelling 4:24
10/ Mother Goose Steve Lacy / Kenneth Rexroth 5:14

Recorded December 1-4 and 13, 2001, mixed January 3-4 and 21, 2002 at Studios Ferber, Paris. Recording and mixing engineer: Laurent Peyron. Assistant engineer: Laurent Binder.
Mastered February 20, 2002 at Top Master, Paris engineer: Didier Marc.

Producer: Steve Lacy. Executive producer: Daniel Richard. Prepared for release by Dominique Bernard.

Cover painting: Judith Lindbloom ("In The Fragrance To Lose No Moss" - 2001 #66, acrylic and ink on paper). Graphic design: Jérôme Witz. Booklet photos by Mephisto. Liner notes by Vincent Lainé.

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