Joe Lovano:

Sounds of Joy

This one's for Lacy.

Recorded in 1991

Joe Lovano tenor & soprano saxophones, alto clarinet Anthony Cox bass Ed Blackwell drums

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Sounds of Joy Joe Lovano 6:31
2/ Strength and Courage 6:35
3/ I'll Wait and Pray J. Valentine, G. Treadwel 4:30
4/ Cedar Avenue Blues Emil Boyd 7:00
5/ Bass and Space Judith Silverman 7:52
6/ Ettenro Joe Lovano 9:32
7/ Until the Moment was Now Ron Smith 4:19
8/ This One's for Lacy Joe Lovano 8:21
9/ 23rd Street Theme Paul Motian 5:33

Recorded at Audioforce Studios, New York, January 26th, 1991. Engineer: David Baker. Supervisor: Karl Berger.

Producer: Horst Weber.

Cover art: Sandy Fisher.