Sans Souci

Barry Wedgle:

Sans Souci

Barry Wedgle, the 'first truly poly-free guitar player'.

(Steve Lacy - liner notes)

Recorded in 1995

Barry Wedgle guitar Bruce Wassy drums (1) Rammond Doumbe bass (1, 5) Mark Thompson synthetizers (1, 2, 8) Felix Saba-Lecco drums (2) Noel Equabee bass (2, 8) George Coleman tenor saxophone (2) Biboul Duriche percussions (2, 5, 8) John Spindler violin (2) Bob Drewry string arr. (2), synthetizers (7) Alberto Ramirez synthetizer (3, 4), rhythm sequencing (4) Dave Zinno bass (4) Flavia DeMello vocal & percussions (5) Chandricka Fernandez soprano (6) Cara McMillen alto (6) Beth Winter contra alto (6) Steve Lacy soprano saxophone (7)

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ Sato's House Barry Wedgle 5:34
2/ Dance Of The Butter 5:27
3/ Arty's Last Song 7:15
4/ Give And Take 6:26
5/ In Your Dreams 6:08
6/ Bird Voices 1:53
7/ Birds 4:50
8/ Lucas 5:02

Recorded on 1995 at Art Sound Studios, Paris (France) [1, 2, 5, 7, 8]; in Cali (Columbia) & Chauve-Souris Studios, Paris (France) [3, 4]; at Rocket Studios, Boulder (CO, USA) [6].

Producer: Barry Wedgle

Liner Notes

Second album of Exit Records company, Sans Souci is a set of height compositions written by Barry Wedgle, featuring George Coleman on one piece and Steve Lacy on another. Although the other selections are worth interest, the trio on Birds is especially attractive, giving an ideal opportunity to the sopranist to reach his altissimo skies gradually, where he gently soars, apparently not embarrassed with the oxygen rarefaction at these altitudes.

The imminent flight is announced by the precedent piece, Bird Voices, with a voice trio (soprano, alto and contra alto).

A fine record of the "first truly poly-free guitar player", as Lacy says - whose first recorded collaboration with Wedgle was Futurities, a selection of songs with words by Robert Creeley.