Mal Waldron:

One More Time

Measured against eternity, our life span is very short, so I am extremely happy to have this record as a high point of mine.

(Mal Waldron - liner notes)

Recorded in 2002

Mal Wadron piano Steve Lacy soprano saxophone (3, 8) Jean-Jacques Avenel bass (omit 2 & 7)

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ All Alone Mal Waldron 6:16
2/ Rites Of Initiation Mal Waldron, Jean-Jacques Avenel 11:41
3/ You Mal Waldron 8:15

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4/ Blues For JJ's Bass 5:53
5/ The Seagulls Of Kristiansund 7:40
6/ Waltz For Marianne 5:17
7/ In The Land Of Clusters 5:22
8/ Soul Eyes 6:29

Recorded January 29-30, 2002 at Studio La Buissonne, Pernes-les-Fontaines (France). Engineers (recording & mixing): Gérard de Haro & Sylvain Thévenard.
Edited & mastered by Sylvain Thévenard.

Producer: Philippe Ghielmetti.

Graphic design: Sketch Studio, Philippe Ghielmetti, Serge Bilous & Elena Derderian. Photos: Christian Ducasse.

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