Steve Lacy/Joëlle Léandre:

One More Time

Improvising with Steve was always a true adventure.

(Joëlle Léandre - liner notes)

Recorded in 2002

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Joëlle Léandre double bass

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ One More Time 1 Steve Lacy, Joëlle Léandre 32:15
2/ One More Time 2 12:15
3/ One More Time 3 10:10
4/ Phone Message Steve Lacy 1:00

Recorded live at Cafe Belga, 28 July 2002. Engineer: Michael W. Huon, Odeon Mobile Unit Studio.
Edited by Harry Fulcher & Leo Felgin. Mastered by Michael W. Huon, Odeon Mobile Unit Studio.

Concert & Festival "Blossoms" organized by Cedric D'hondt/Champauditif. The name "Blossoms" was given by Vincent Lainé. Music published by Alissa Publishing/PRS.

Cover paiting: Joëlle Léandre. Booklet photo of Steve Lacy: Peter Symes.