Cecil Taylor / Buell Neidlinger:

New York City R & B

Recorded in 1961

Cecil Taylor piano Archie Shepp tenor saxophone (2,4) Buell Neidlinger bass Billy Higgins drums, tympani (1,3,4) Clark Terry trumpet (4) Roswell Rudd trombone (4) Steve Lacy soprano saxophone (4) Charles Davis baritone saxophone (4)

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
1/ O.P. Buell Neidlinger 9:12
2/ Cell Walk For Celeste Cecil Taylor 11:43
3/ Cindy's Main Mood* B. Neidlinger, C. Taylor, B. Higgins 5:12
4/ Things Ain't What They Used To Be Duke Ellington 10:09

Note: * additional track on Barnaby Lp edition and CD reissues.

Recorded in New York City (on West 57th St.), January 9-10, 1961.

Producer: Nat Hentoff.

Cover photography: Leroy MacLucas. Cover design: Malcom Walker.