Alvin Curran:

Maritime Rites

In the middle 1970s I began to formulate ideas and projects leading to the making of music outside the concert halls—often in large open and naturally beautiful sites. Ports, rivers, lakes, caves, quarries, fields, and woods, always ready sources of my musical inspiration, now became my new music theaters.

(Alvin Curran - liner notes)

Recorded in the '80s

Leo Smith trumpet & seal horn (1-1)
Pauline Oliveros accordion (1-2)
Steve Lacy soprano saxophone (1-3)
Clark Coolidge voice (reading his poem Mine: The One That Enters The Story) on 1-4
Joseph Celli reeds, English horn & mukha veena (Indian double-reed instrument) on 1-5
Jon Gibson soprano saxophone (1-6)
Malcolm Goldstein violin (2-1)
George Lewis trombone (2-2)
John Cage voice (reciting five monosyllabic words of his own choice) on 2-3
Alvin Curran vocal (2-4)

Ind. Title Composer Dur.
CD #1
1/ World Music Leo Smith 10:57
2/ Rattlesnake Moutain Pauline Oliveros 10:46
3/ Coastline Steve Lacy 11:33
4/ Mine Clark Coolidge 11:09
5/ Improvisation Joseph Celli 10:54
6/ Soft Shoulder Jon Gibson 10:58
7-12 Appendix: program introductions 8:19
CD #2
1/ From Center of Rainbow, Sounding Malcolm Goldstein 11:00
2/ Improvisation George Lewis 11:08
3/ Ice, Dew, Food, Crew, Ape John Cage 11:22
4/ Maritime Rites Alvin Curran 23:35
5-8/ Appendix: program introductions 6:59

Soundscapes and instrumental solos recorded by Alvin Curran & Melissa Gould.

Producers: Alvin Curran & Melissa Gould.

Cover art based on original 1985 design by Melissa Gould after a postcard of Bullock Point Light, Providence River, Rhode Island. Cover design: Bob Defrin Design, Inc.