Steve Lacy Quintet:

Mal Waldron with the Steve Lacy Quintet

Recorded in 1972

Steve Lacy soprano saxophone Mal Waldron piano Steve Potts soprano & alto saxophones
Irene Aebi cello, voice Kent Carter double bass Noel McGhee drums & percussion

Ind. Title
1/ Vio Mal Waldron 18:20
2/ Jump For Victor Steve Lacy 8:51
3/ Blue Wee 12:27
4/ Vio (alternate take) 12:28
5/ Jump For Victor (alternate take) 8:51

Note: tracks 4-5 on CD only.

Recorded at Studio Decca (rue Beaujon) in Paris, May 1972. Transfer and mastering by Alexis Frenkel, Art Son Studio, Paris (France).

Producer: Pierre Berjot for America-Musidisc-Europe. Reissue supervised by Daniel Richard. Prepared for reissue by Bruno Guermonprez.

Cover artwork: Jérôme Witz (Oil on paper, 2 x 80 cm x 80 cm, 2003). Original liner notes by Pat Griffith (1972), CD liner notes by Philippe Carles (English translation by Martin Davies). Photos by Philippe Gras & Horace. Art direction, design & paintings by element-s, Gilles Guerlet & Jérôme Witz, photographed by Frédéric Thomas.